The definition of an ‘operating system’ is bound to evolve with customer demands and technological possibilities. Before starting to compare the two leading products, it is important to mention here that there is a massive impact on user-friendly behaviour when it comes to technology. End-user behaviour and likeness are entirely dependent on the comfort level and the purpose of use.  There is a category of geeks which are always in a battle against each other on the topic. It is worth mentioning here one of such conversation between two technologists. Both of these technologists were fighting on Windows OS and Linux OS. The windows user argued that it is easy to use. The Linux user said that it is easier to use for you because probably your mother was also using it and in the same way Linux is easier to use for me. The significance of this argument sheds light on the behaviour of an end user. If you first bought Windows OS or PC, you have the better comfort level with it. For comparing the two operating systems, certain parameters needs to be set. Following are the parameters we are considering here experience, integration with mobile platforms, hardware, security, built-in software packages, built quality, component optimisation, display, compatibility, reliability, cost, customer satisfaction, and stability.

The experience

When it comes to the experience of Apple and Microsoft, we need to go into history. Three decades back Microsoft was a close ally of Apple. Microsoft was half of its revenue from Apple back in 1983. Xerox was the main GUI provider for the Apple personal computing, and later Gates started to have its OS by the name of windows. It started a new battle in the field of OS. Then in 1985, Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple and Microsoft had its 1st version by the name of Windows 1.0. Next 12 years there was no Steve Jobs who is now considered one of the greatest innovators in the tech industry. Microsoft dominated the market of OS for a long time then. And we saw and used some of the famous products like Windows 95 and 98.

Without Steve, Jobs apple couldn’t survive the market and massive influence from Microsoft. During all this time Steve Jobs was working in the education sector with the company name as NEXT. Finally, in 1997, NEXT was bought by Apple, and Steve Jobs came back to Apple. But Apple in its bad time made a strange decision which is called as an awkward time of harmony. Apple established a partnership with Microsoft to survive the market, especially to have Microsoft Office products in its system. But who knew that Apple would dominate the market in the future.

If we talk of experience from a perspective of their products of personal computing, Apple was one of the pioneers. In comparison, both had more or less the same experience. It was the approach to build the final product that made the difference in the end.   


The hardware approach

The synchronisation of hardware and software is a vital approach difference between the two giants. Apple approach to using its hardware to work with its OS is the fundamental difference. This method has made a very reliable product for personal computing, and Microsoft still has reliability issue due to this.

Microsoft, on the other hand, thinks more about global domination. And in a bid to have more market share they design their OS to be sold to any hardware manufacturer or machine designer. Microsoft just sells the software you need to buy a machine and install on it.

Integration with Mobile OS and Hand-off

Mac provides seamless integration of iOS with Mac. If you have started an email on your Apple mobile device, you can complete it on your Mac without sync or save on cloud. It is also valid for reminders, notes, documents, maps, searches and calendars. It is powerful and a high selling point. It can reduce the work pressure of end user who is dealing with a lot of device at a time.

Too many hardware options

Another problem with Microsoft is that there are too many options to choose from. Mac is offered in six different configurations MacBookPro, MacBookAir, MacBook, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro. But if you have to select hardware for PC there are hundreds of options. Apple has understood the consumer needs and designed six versions for different category of users. But for Microsoft there is no such thing, you have to choose for yourself. Interestingly when it comes to Market share PC is on top with Lenovo the leading manufacturer followed by HP, Dell and then Apple, which make Apple on fourth place. Keep in mind when it comes to apple, it is selling both the software and hardware.


For many years Apple users are on top of Microsoft when it comes to security. Apple has been much less attacked. But with time situation is changing as hackers are getting more sophisticated. But still, Mac’s are less prone to attacks are considered safe in comparison to Microsoft systems.

When it comes to security the experts say that Mac is better, there could be many arguments. One of the most common arguments is that as PC’s are used more than Mac so, they have more attacks. Whatever the reasoning is the result is that Mac is safer than PC.      

Package of software’s

In comparison to PC Mac comes with a lot more installed software than PC. Yes, PC is compatible with a lot more third-party products, but Mac is chasing it down closely. In Mac, you can find an exciting collection of software like iTunes, face time, Garage band, Pages, Numbers, keynotes, Maps and more.  There is also a Mac store which grants you access to remarkable additional apps.  Now you can also install some of the Microsoft software on Mac like Microsoft Office.

Built quality

Macintosh is more expensive than a PC. If you have little to do with your machine like shopping online or using Facebook Mac is not a choice. Mac is a device to be used for long-term, with top-grade components and great design. It is built with highest standards of taking care of software or OS and hardware quality. It is designed to keep in mind the outlook, simplicity, ease of use, durability, performance, and functionality. Mac’s are some of the beautiful consumer electronics products in the market.   

Component optimisation

The component optimisation is the real deal with Mac. It is something which makes the great difference in the PC and Mac. Mac has been designed at the hardware level considering all the needs of Mac OS. For a particular user experience, Mac ensures that OS and hardware both can meet the qualifications. Although Mac is also using specific PC hardware components, they have managed to optimise the software according to hardware to enhance the user experience. Now when it comes to PC users they argue that the hardware is not upgradable, the answer is simple if your performance is not downgraded why would you need to upgrade the hardware. Perhaps most of the user just doesn’t want to upgrade. When it comes to up-gradation, there are conflict and driver issues. This is not the case with Mac, and everything is plug and play. Just plug in the external hardware and it works.            


When it comes to displaying of Mac, screen design is great. Mac gives a lot of attention to the display of their product. Their retina display screen is perhaps the best in the market. Mac has an anti-reflective coating with no air gaps.


When it comes to design Mac is the leader in the industry. Apple has made beautiful products which are lightweight, user-friendly and great charging capacity. Their every new design is the game changer in the market. Apple product especially MacBook is considered as a product of style.


The compatibility debate was in favour of PC for a long time. But now the game is changing as many tasks are performed online, and every great piece of software is now also compatible with Mac. Another significant difference which goes in favour of Mac hardware is that you can install Window Os on it.


The reliability debate which was always in favour of Mac has been changed a little bit now. But as mentioned above Mac is still better. Now it is essential to have antivirus on both. Reliability is not only about the security threats. There are some things to be considered like performance with the time, crashes, and repair/maintenance issues. PC is considered more vulnerable to many of these problems than Mac’s.    


Cost is something which always went in favour of PC. But if you are a business user and reliability is your concern then of course Mac’s are the choice. Mac is a product which at its price is worth it because it is more beautiful, reliable and user-friendly. It comes with state of the art components with great supporting software.


For year Mac is considered safer than PC. Although Microsoft has improved a lot with Windows 10, window 8 was a terrible experience. It is important to note here that you will not find many people who say that some versions of Mac were not good. They have consistently produced some great and stable products.

Customer support

Apple customer support is considered one of the best in the market. When you buy a product, it comes with a one-year limited warranty. Apart from that most of the products come with 90 days free phone call support. One of the most significant advantages is that if you are not a professional and don’t understand the problem Mac is a better product because you get support for hardware and software under a single umbrella.  For PC the case is different the hardware and software support is different.

User satisfaction

Apple has topped the charts for a decade now when it comes to user satisfaction. It is simply an electronic product which is reliable, stable in OS, beautifully designed and is have great performance. Together with all this and best customer support, the product is worth it for the price they are offering.

My opinion

The OS has always been a great battleground for the geeks. But it also depends on which was the first OS you used. Most of the people stick to that for later years.  PC and Mac one developed by Microsoft and other by Apple, both have been emerged to be great platforms. But often Mac is the name of sophistication in the electronics product market. Apple has little more experience than Microsoft in producing OS, but both are considered more or less same. Microsoft has shown continuous growth till 95 which was its peak time. Apple on the other hand, under Steve Jobs leadership, flourished but when he left it was a disaster. In 1997 Steve Jobs was brought back, and till 2010 it was back on top of the industry. The fundamental difference between both PC and Mac is that Microsoft believes in developing software for any hardware, on the other hand, Apple believes in developing hardware for their software. The approach of Apple has made Mac better in performance. Mac has a hand-off technology with the help of which you can work seamlessly between different Apple products. If you have started working on your iPhone, you can finish on Mac without the hassle of cloud storage.   There is a total of six Mac products which are designed for six different user category, but in case of PC, there are hundreds of hardware products to choose. Mac security is better than windows, and the fundamental reason is that it has less market share. Mac is considered one of the most reliable electronic product in the market. It has a beautiful design, optimised hardware and a user-friendly OS.

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