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Like a car or a house, website need maintenance. Maintaining your WordPress site can be time-consuming and a little tedious especially if you are not fully content with what you are doing. After all, isn’t your site there to serve you?

Why does maintenance matter? A WordPress site is not merely a one-time build and job done, that’s ready to sustain itself throughout the life of your company, brand or blog. Just like a physical building you might make for a brick-and-mortar location requires regular maintenance to repair broken links, update plugins, update security etc. 

Your WordPress site should ideally grow and improve as your business does. After all, these days it will be your primary platform for promoting your brand and connecting with your customers. Neglecting any one component of your website maintenance for too long results in an adverse impact for your customers, security and overall performance

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost?

Website is included in Maintenance & Support

There several factors that will effect web maintenance costs.

For example:

  • The size of your website
  • The complexity of your website
  • The type of maintenance needed. ie content updates, finding and fixing website errors, or ongoing WordPress maintenance
  • How often your website has been updated
  • If you need a one time fix, or monthly maintenance contract
  • If you need after hours or weekend website support

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Examples of website maintenance services:

  • Content updates
  • Website backups
  • Code upgrades (Like WordPress core code and plugins)
  • Fix broken links, html errors, any website errors
  • Page speed optimization
  • Emergency web site support after hours and on weekends
  • One time fixes or a website maintenance plan

I want to provide my clients with the best service possible.   I make an effort to have changes complete in less than 24 hours (often same day).